what is your opinion on festival and everyday wear?


*a skirt would be so fun to wear over leggings or naked skin!


*it needs pockets!


*it should cover my butt.


well- what would you do if im gonna tell ya- you can have all the yumminess? right- buy it- love it :)


this fanny pack/utility belt/skirt with a pocket will be your best friend on every festival or even in the office!

its fun patchwork design will cheer up every outfit and the pocket is big enough to carry all your treasures on your everyday adventures or just an iphone :)


it ties on the side becuase i think this is still the most comfortable closure for every fairys body.

as i cutted the fabric- i left the side a little narrower in roder to give it a more flattering look- please look it up the pica because it might be considered as "not a full butt coverage" and i really want you to be satisfied with your katziwaesche threads. :)


i totally fell in love with the fabric of the tie closure because it has this floral pattern and if you love ribbons -like me obviously- this piece would be perfect for you. the ribbon with this perfect is BEYOND perfect! :)


it not only features just a fun bustle on the back but has gorgeous doilie patterns, machine stitchery and decorative outseams in it.


the pocket closes with a loop and a beautiful button. the loop is made out of a stretchy velvet-ish fabric.



Fanny Pack M/L-XXL

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